The Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179)

A Private Company Limited by Guarantee is a corporate structure mainly used for non-profit organizations that require corporate status. Limited by guarantee means a company does not feature a share capital, and its members are guarantors instead of being shareholders. In the scenario where the company is dissolved, struck off, or otherwise removed from the register then the members’ liability is limited to the amount they agree to contribute to the company’s assets. Limited by guarantee companies are formed for charities, community projects, clubs, societies and other related company structures.

Getting Started

Incorporating a company limited by guarantee with Reg and Ren Limited could not be simpler. To get started, we require:
  • The proposed name of your Company.
  • The address of where the company will be located.
  • Personal details of the director(s) (IDs and addresses)
  • Three founding members/trustees.

There is currently no requirement for an officer of a Ghana company limited by guarantee to be a Ghanaian citizen or resident.