The Companies Act 1963 (Act 179) - Under Section 303 (i) (b)

An external company is a corporate body formed outside Ghana, which has an established place of business in Ghana. The Companies Code defines an external company as a branch, management, share, and transfer or registration office. External company also means a company does not feature a share capital, and its members are guarantors instead of being shareholders.
The main advantages of a limited by guarantee company is that they are easy to incorporate, and the company is not liable to pay cooperate taxes in Ghana because they are not domicile in Ghana.

Getting Started

Incorporating an external company with Reg and Ren Limited could not be simpler. To get started, we require:
    • The proposed name of your Company.
    • The nature of business of the Company.
    • The personal details of the directors (The number of directors not being less than two or more than five) and secretary.
    • The address and contact numbers of where the company will be located.
    • Their date and place of birth, IDs, contact numbers, and addresses.
    • Mother's maiden name of each of the directors.
  • There is currently no requirement for an officer of a Ghana external company to be a Ghanaian citizen or resident.